Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas and Good Times

I was speaking to one of my friends in December and she was lamenting about the fact that we don't celebrate holidays that way we did when we were young. That's true but life does change. Our parents are not here anymore and neither are most of our relatives. They live in different states, not around the corner. All those family gatherings, with so many aunts, uncles and cousins, are part of the past.
I remember and cherish those days and realize that we can't recreate the past. Our children grow up and we now include others in our family circle. The grandchildren add to the mix and that is the best part.
So here we are at the end of 2018. Life is good and we are happy to celebrate with our children and grandchildren. I recently heard a reporter say something so true. When we are young we anticipate getting gifts and as we get older, we enjoy seeing the faces of others as they open the gifts!
So true and good to keep in mind.   Celebrations are about sharing with the people you love!

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Today I am flooded with nostalgic memories, so clear and happy yet tinged with a little sadness. I wish my parents were here to remember with me. My mother planned my parties around Columbus Day because we were off from school on the 12th of October. The chocolate cake had a special place next to the gifts!
It was always an exciting time for me. Anticipating my special day and then off from school the next one added to the event. Even later when I grew up, my mother always made an effort to see me and celebrate.
She would call and ask me to come over. The pictures would come out in those marked albums that she lovingly put together. The first year she took them out, I didn't even know she had organized one for each one of her five children. Because I am the oldest, I had the most photos. We always laughed about that. It seems to happen in most families as the parents get busier and busier the more activities their children are involved in. I know I fall into that category with my own children.
I suppose my friends and family fit into the old school mentality as pretty, colorful and meaningful cards were in my mailbox this afternoon. I keep looking at them and remembering the good times.
As I get older I cherish those memories and keep them close. I hope I always will.
Now I am in the process of making new memories with my grandchildren and sharing our birthdays together.

Monday, July 30, 2018

​News: Former History Teacher, Rosemary McKinley, Brings Long Island History to Life.  Writers' Dream

Just thought I would share an interview of my me and my books.
Linda Maria Frank is a writer and host of writers' dream. Her Y/A Ann Tillery mysteries are good reading for young and older alike.
Published in Newsday July, 2018.    

When I read Lance Filler's Opinion piece [Toward a more human debate, Opinion,July 11], I was heartened. Everyone should read this piece as it puts today's top political debates in perspective. He breaks down people's opinions into calm, disparate points of view. We all have strong ideas about immigration and abortion but we don't have to get personal and emotional against others who disagree. He makes a great argument for tolerance and understanding.
We can disagree and still work together toward finding a common humane ground. We can all learn from this.

This is a call to civility to all Americans. We need to work together for a common goal.

Southold 4th of July Parade 2018

Southold Town 4th of July parade is such a special day. Local community groups march and children dressed in ethnic costumes wave from the Historical Society's float. It is a feel good day. People arrive early with their lawn chairs and water bottles. Volunteers hand out red, white and blue balloons and flags for a donation. Everyone is smiling and in a good mood. It sets the tone for the glorious fourth. My grandchildren have been looking forward to attending for a few years now.
This year we had Betsy Ross and a patriotic boy. Other years we had pioneer girls and Lady Liberty. Another year an Irish lass graced the float.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Local Author Fair Saturday, May 19, 1-3pm Library's Feather Hill site (formerly Elmer's Amish Furniture) We hope to see you at our Local Author Fair! Authors will introduce themselves and their work. Get your favorite books signed by the author. Books will be available for purchase.

LI Author Rosemary McKinley will talk about her latest novel, Captain Henry Green, a whaler @ Cutchogue Library today @ 3:00. Henry was an ordinary man who led an extraordinary life in the 1800's as a whaler from Sag Harbor.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Emerald Isle

Just returned from a trip to Ireland, a hauntingly beautiful, natural wonder. I saw the Cliffs of Moher in the pouring, cold, pelting rain. It was well worth it but I was soaked through and through because of the time it took to walk up the many steps to the top.
The Ring of Kerry was worth seeing from the tour bus as it runs round a large area. Every part of the land was very green, as I expected. What I didn't expect were the many hues of verdant fields. A sight to behold.
Best of all were the sights of Blarney Castle on a sunny, fairly warm day. Hiking up the seventy-eight circular, stone steps was well worth the effort to be at the Blarney stone. The view of the grounds and garden brought me back to what the lord of the manor would have seen. Spectacular.
I didn't kiss the famous stone but I did touch it. All part of the experience.
The Irish people were very friendly and proud of their nation. All in all an upbeat feeling, even though the tour guide was telling us many sad stories of the Irish past.