Saturday, November 19, 2011

United Kingdom

I had the opportunity to go to London for a long weekend last week. I was impressed by how quiet the underground was and how tasteful the Christmas decorations were.The store windows were decorated in subtle ways with bright colors. In one of the main department stores, giant, blood red tree decorations were hung above the shoppers. No glitz. It was good to be in the company of calm people. Even the protesters on the grounds of St Paul's Church were civil and quiet.
Another observation is the emphasis on Literature. I saw the replica of the Shakespeare's Globe Theater and the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Both just happened to be closed because it was evening but it was great to see that these were highlighted on the tour.
We walked over the Tower Bridge at night. What a beautiful sight. The afternoon tour of the Tower of London, a large walled-in compound was worth every minute. The Beefeater who gave the tour treated us to some funny lines about some not- so- funny topics, like people being beheaded without trials. The crown jewels were well worth seeing along with the line of kings and the arms and armour rooms. Such splendor!
I always like to notice different expressions of people in other nations. The British are not afraid to call a toilet one instead of a rest room, like us. They also do not say exit but Way out. Interesting take on expressions.

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