Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sole female on a work crew

My husband, brothers, brother-in-law and I have been improving my Dad's house. There is a lot of physical work to do such as painting, removing ceilings, discarding and lugging wood and junk to the curb and the town dump. Landscaping tasks, such as moving dirt from one place to the other, seeding and moving plants are also part of the detail. All of this work has to be done.
I have been part of the crew since the beginning. I lift what I can and drag the rest. I usually don't like to do any type of gardening but the more helping hands, the better. I definitely get my hands dirty and the bending and pulling makes me stiff the next day. But I am a help. That is the most important result of all of this physical work. We are accomplishing our goal.
I also keep the coffee pot filled and the sandwiches coming. We have to eat so we can continue to work. It feels good to be a  partner to the rest of the crew.

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