Monday, January 12, 2015

Thank You Saint Anthony

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I never was one to believe in signs and otherworldly happenings. The story published online tells of a true event that occurred to me on a trip to Italy. Some may not find it believable but I do know that something happened that day in that Church and it stays with me because it came true.

Saint Anthony is the patron saint of the lost. During that tour, I was sickened by the talk of his relics and the fact that the guide wanted us to touch the glass and look at them. I could not do that and I took off my glasses and walked away before I got up to the altar. That is why this story has even more meaning because this was the last place I would think that I would be touched by such a compelling feeling that something good would happen in my family.

Rosemary McKinley
author and poet
101 Glimpses of the North Fork and Islands

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