Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers' Day

The day has new and old meanings for me. It was always a day of renewals---spring flowers and family celebrations with Mom and grandmas. Flowering plants were the order of the day and smiling family. The day wasn't about the gifts: it was about being remembered in quiet ways, a favorite dessert or main dish that Mom didn't have to cook.
When we were children, we made cards and bought small plants at school. When we got older, we gave gifts of new summer clothes. All were appreciated and enjoyed.

Now that Mom and both grandmas are not here, I remember and cherish the time we had together. All those Mothers Day parties were important and appreciated.

More recently I sometimes didn't see my my own children on that day because they would be with their other families. This year all of us will be together and that includes children and grandchildren. It reminds me of the Mothers Days of long ago and I am truly grateful.

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