Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Wampum Exchange

I have been working on editing my book for a few weeks now. My editor has been very patient and helpful, as he wants to retain my voice and story. It is a lot of hard work and well worth the effort. I want the writing to be the best it can be and still tell a good story. My point in writing this novella is for teens and adults alike to be entertained while learning about the history of the era.
Here is a short synopsis of The Wampum Exchange.

The Wampum Exchange gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of people back in 1650 Colonial America through the eyes of twelve-year-old Daniel.

In 1650, young Daniel and his family live on the East End of Long Island in one of the first English settlements there. Their lives and those of the community are centered on their farms and the Meeting House where they worship and meet to establish local rules. Daniel's chance meeting with a boy from the local Indian settlement alters the way he looks at life from then on. With his family's help, he must own up to his shortcomings and make things right. Along the way, Daniel solves a mystery that he doesn't know exists. Throughout the story, Daniel is learning what it means to grow up and become a part of the adult world.

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