Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Youngest Member of the Family

This is the second time I became a nanny for a grandchild. I offered to do this and I am realizing that many of my friends are doing the same for their grandchildren. Grandpa is supporting the decision and is helping out as much as he can, as well. This task requires an hour and a half drive and a 2 day stay for about eight months. Is it all worth it? Yes, it is.
As far as my writing goes, it will still be there. I do have a project in the works but I have put it on the back burner for now. Many have told me that I am making a sacrifice. Yet every time I hold this infant, I am thrilled that I have the time, health and will to do this. We are bonding as we walk to and from my friend's  home. We also have fun reading books and playing together. Of course at this age I am reading and the baby is looking at the pictures and smiling at the attention. I can say with conviction that it is all worth it. I will look back at the time I spent with her as a cherished part of my life as a grandmother. 

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