Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

This day always bring back good memories of parades and celebrations past. In the 1950's we marched in the Sea Cliff parades. At the end of each parade, we remembered the veterans, living and deceased of World War 11. My Dad never talked about his service but I remember that part of the parade as being a somber tribute. Later on in the day, we had barbecues with family and relaxed.

In the early 1960's, it was more of the same until the late '60's. Then Memorial Day took on a very different meaning for me. Many of my friends were being drafted and served in the army. Some of them didn't come home. It became a tearful day and a sober one, as well. We still kept the traditions of having barbecues with family and friends but the talk around the table was different.

Then came the ending of the Vietnam Conflict and the later military involvements. Again, Memorial Day brought back good memories and sad ones. Today, I reflect on all of our military and thank them in my prayers. On this last holiday, I  think about the fact that because of them, I am celebrating with family and friends in my nation. No matter how flawed our nation can be, we have our military to thank for their sacrifice so that we can celebrate this day.

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