Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer Days

Summer of 2014

It was a cool summer, as temperatures go but a spectacular one, as well. It was cool at night and warm to hot during the day. The sun peaked out most days and we had very little rain. What more could you ask for?
We spent  many afternoons on Peconic Bay in our motorboat, relaxing and chatting about our day. The shimmering, blue green water and light blue skies allowed for a respite from the busy summer. Our beach friends were waiting for us the days we weren't out on our boat. We always laugh with them and learn much about life in the area.

Our children and grandchildren spent a week with us out here on the East End. It was great fun planning trips to the Aquarium and Splish Splash. Everyone came back spent but happy they went. Dinners were special with a seafood night and steak night planned ahead. Some Mores and ice cream served as the best desserts of all.
Even though it was hectic, everyone was happy they could spend time with each other.

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