Saturday, September 12, 2015

End of summer

This has been one spectacular summer----warm, sunny days that are perfect for the beach and boating. The fall brings forth a particular change because the water is very warm but the air and breezes are slowly getting cooler.
If you are a beach person, this change only increases your pull to go to the beach. The fall is coming and soaking up every possible minute in the sun is most important. A few hours each nice day will suffice.
The East End of Long Island has its special draw as the days grow shorter. The farm stands are brimming with winter and summer squash, pumpkins, broccoli, brussels sprouts eggplant, and cauliflower. The colors alone would encourage you to keep coming back. Special Event weekends call people to come out and sample the roasted corn, wine and craft beer, as well. Harvest time for the wineries and farms is a special time in itself. It seems that all of suburbia must buy their pumpkins "out east" from the real farms.
I used to buy them at a small farmhouse near where I live. You could pick any ones you wanted from the price designated area. Sadly, the farm was sold and there are no more pumpkins to be found at that spot. When we first bought our house, there was a small farm stand at the end of my block. I would walk down every morning and buy fresh vegetables. The owner got to know me and told me to come back when they picked the corn. It was the freshest ever. One year the same person gave me a cooking pumpkin that I had been asking about. They said they didn't have any and then one day, they brought one out just for me at no charge. It was a good thing. I suppose though, that all good things must come to an end. That farm was sold, too.

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