Monday, November 2, 2015

Summer Days on the North Fork

Summer Days

This has been one balmy, sunny, and warm summer. I never complain about the heat as I prefer it over the cold.
The North Fork boasts a variety of beaches, including bay side and sound side ones. During the week, we have been out on our boat almost every day enjoying the shimmering water and jumping fish. We prefer to sit in the boat and soak up the amazing views of the water and Shelter Island.
On weekends, our children come to visit with their children. Everyone, including the youngest, at 2 years-old prefers going to the beach by water. The little ones can't wait to be bounced around on the tube, Big Bertha, while our children prefer water skiing after watching the smiles and hearing the laughter from the tube. It's fun for everyone.
At the beach, we always look for the ice cream man to end the day. All in all, everyone returns home happy and tired from being in the sun.
The next weekend is the last big weekend of the summer and our children are sad to let the summer go before all their activities beckon.
As it turned out, Labor Day weekend was glorious---very warm, sunny and comfortable with a cooling breeze. We spent most of every day at the beach, swimming across this short channel and  boating back and forth to the house. The beach where we anchor the boat was very crowded with other boaters, kayakers, standing surf boarders and swimmers. Everyone had the same idea----enjoy this last summer weekend to the fullest.

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