Friday, January 1, 2016

Bringing in the New----2016

Last year was a tough year in our family. One of our babies was diagnosed with cancer at under a month old. The family went through agonizing weeks and months of bad news on treatment and prognosis. An army of people from all over the country and beyond continued to pray for this child. Their local church stepped up to help and support them. It was amazing to see.

My 100 year old mother-in-law became very sick with pneumonia and was hospitalized in February and then rallied enough to celebrate her 100th birthday in March.She never forgot anyone's birthday or anniversary! It was a beautiful celebration with a tribute given by her oldest son. She joined that army of people praying every day for the baby, Redden. The family came from far to be with her on that dayMom succumbed to cancer the last day of May. She had her family around her once again and she did not suffer.

Summer usually brings our family together for boating and barbecues for a week at our home near water. This year the little ones were swimming off the boat and squealing while being pulled in a large round tube. It gets a little hectic but is lots of fun. We even had a Hawaiian party, complete with grass skirts, coconut drinks, music and leis to celebrate my daughter's birthday.

I was lucky to vacation in Sicily with my friends for twelve days in October, so many Greek ruins and delicious food including: rice balls cannolis and fish. The tour people were jovial and friendly so it was a learning experience as well as a good time.

Last but not least, we had some  fantastic news in December about our ill baby. After months of reading sad updates on a blog written by my niece, I learned some outstanding news on his first birthday. Redden's tumor is shrinking! Our prayers have been answered! He still may have to have surgery but not for a while. The best birthday and Christmas present ever!

So my hope is that this year will be better for everyone in our family and others.
A  Healthy New Year to all.

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