Thursday, February 25, 2016

2016 A Campaign to Remember

2016  A Campaign to Remember
Whatever your political inclinations, this is one unusual campaign. So many debates---too many if you ask me. Not much substance but a lot of drama on both sides.
A complete outsider on the Republican side is winning delegates like crazy. Is he a republican? Is it a true protest against the Washington establishment? On the other side we have another Clinton and an avowed socialist. Wow. I don't have the answers but I have seen the pundits on both sides shake their heads and come up for a loss for words. What a shock!

I don't have a crystal ball nor do I know who will have my vote but it is not boring. I suppose we just have to wait and see how it plays out. It should be interesting. I am always interested in politics but this race is riveting on many levels.
The United States needs a strong, responsible leader to deal with all of the complicated issues facing us as a nation: the economy, security, foreign policy, the military, upgrading our infrastructure, education, race relations to just name a few.  It is not an easy job, nor is it easily handled by one person. We certainly need someone who can work with others in a collaborative way for the benefit of all of us. May the best person win for the sake of all Americans.
We need an outstanding leader especially in these times.

Our nation has been mired in difficult times before, during wars, the question of slavery, to name a few, and we were headed by strong leaders who showed strength, fortitude and courage. That's what we need now.

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