Sunday, March 13, 2016

You have to be a boomer to enjoy this!!

I call it the open car door/rear end in the air syndrome.

While I was chauffeuring my granddaughters for four days, I kept seeing car doors open and fannies in the air. I couldn't figure out why at first---a phenomenon! Then I realized that I was doing the same thing every time I had to remove  the three-year-old out of the car seat and harness. The adult has to physically stand in the back seat and lock and/or unlock the harness from the child while bending over. It takes time and for me it actually hurts my arthritic hands to do this. I saw open card doors with fannies up in the air all four days to and from school at at various places like stores, dance and religion class.  It was amazing. No wonder people tend to leave children in the car if they can!
There is some good news here. The older children can actually get in and out of the seats themselves. Thank goodness. A few times I had to sit in between two seats and try and find the catch for the seat belt to fit into because the child couldn't do it! At least I was sitting down.

This past fall I happened to be sightseeing in Sicily, Italy and I noticed there were no car seats in sight nor did the young children sit in the back seat of these small cars. Very different approach.
So next time you are in a parking lot or school, take notice and be thankful that we are boomers and didn't have to do this. I do think that safety is important for our children but I am glad to say that I like getting in and out of my car fairly quickly and easily.

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